Collaborative image for Amanda Palmers "Grand Theft Art Companion Book"

Various wardrobe throughout.

Current collaborative Tarot project "Tarot de Profundis"

Betwixt & Between + various

Neil Gaiman

Illumine, LePendu, When I get there

Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands

Collaborative project "The Absolute Elsewhere" CD

Album artwork & design - "Muses and Bones", "Self-titled", "The Absolute Elsewhere"

Album artwork & design - "Debut EP"

Album artwork & design - "Staring at The Sun EP"

Co produced "Illuminating and Transcending the Shadow"

Komorebi + various

Andreu Jacob

KUNST Art Symbiosis Collaboration - Andreu Jacob(Music Composer)

Photoshop Grunge - Tutorials

Sebastian Michaels- Somerset digital studio feature

Nox Arcana - For allowing usage of their song.

Jill Tracy - Mazu/Incantations of the night tide

Michelle Belanger - Four of Swords, Opium Dreams + various

Ophelia Darkly - The Laurel

Onoh - Intimations/The Seventh Story, Morning of the Magicians, Drawing down the moon/The Watcher

Victoria Singleton - Moon magick, Sirenum Scopuli, Antheia, Murmurs of the Sea, Ace of Wands

Sidhe Etain - The Three Fates, Xibalba, Stars numbered seven, La Dona D'Aguia

Ine E - Torment

Nicole McDonald - Three of Pentacles, Witches Sabbath, Undine

Raine McDonald - The Doll

Ellie Lane - La Tempesta, Nine of Pentacles, De Magia Veterum, The Three Fates

Nancy Dee Ree - Atropa BellaDonna, The Naiad and the Astrolabe, The Sylph

Laura Myers - The Morrigan Anand

April LeQueen

Twig Noir - Three of wands, Firmament

Theresa Manchester

Io Waters

Amber Michael

Brian James Dickie - Being and knowing, Requiem, Trill Sonata

Jessica Rae Malone - Pendle Hill

Melinda Reed - Catching Stars

Lunariea Launders - Myth & Moor

Jane Love - The Oracle and the Orrery

Rachel Frank - Wardrobe "Myth & Moor", The Oracle and the Orrery,

"Being & Knowing - KUNST art symbiosis" - Nicole McDonald/Raine McDonald/Lunariea Launders/Victoria singleton/Brian Dickie/Ellie Lane/Ingvild Eiring/Sidhe Etain/Serina Ruggeri/Ophelia Darkly/Neil Gaiman/Jessica Malone/Michelle Belanger/Kambriel/Echo N/Nancy De Ree/Rachel Frank

Hadley Brooks - Ariadne's thread

Acid PopTart - Les Mois D'Octobre

Carley Sassmann - Eileithyia

Jillian Venters

Lilith Jenovax LaVey

Shelly Cresanti

Haley Foster